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Through research and analytics, advisory, education, and operational proposals, we empower businesses and education centers to comprehensively, sustainablly, and on time achieve the utmost of their missions, customer satisfaction, and financial goals.


We study the management of organizations by computational social science and cognitive approach, based on which we offer our advice to them.  We know the right way of conducting such studies and using the experience of the best projects in the world.  Further more, we are experienced in using the interdisciplinary solutions, about which we have a database of experienced knowledge.  In addition, we collaborate with the best in different areas of work.

We can claim that we have a valuable knowledge in cognitive and computational social science, in which area we have been collaborating with well-known experts of the fields for a long time.  That is why we have gained very valuable experiences which we have applied in various projects and enriched them more and more.


We strongly believe that our code of ethics on all its levels plays a key role in maitaining and exemplifying the integrity of our services and actions for holding SEPEHER up to its reputation

We strongly believe in Islamic values and ethics and are fully committed to them.

We place "integrity" above all our actions.

We place the interests of trainees and clients above our own.

We are fully committed in acting with "integrity", "authenticity", "competence", and "respect".

We are definitely committed to maintaining and developing our professional competence.

We fully accomplish our duties to clients and employers.