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Course Information

This course is based on transformational learning, in which, rather than focusing on learning new subjects, a transformation in preassumptions, perspectives, and viewpoints are taken into account. In other words, it is a transformation in those subjects with which learning new subjects is supposed to occur. Therefore, this appraoch naturally criticizes the old school approaches of teaching, reading, and memorizing.


Course Registeration

In order to avoid any problem in registeration and the payment, we request you read the following carefully and to be committed to your selected path of registeration.

The total class hour of the course is 64 hours.

Notice that to realize the promise of the course, your presence in all the sessions is required. Thus, it is suggestd that if you think you may be absent for more than one session, please do not register.

Also notice that for you to realize the promise of the course, you need to have time for the assignments during the course days as well as the break days within the course. Therefor, you need to be complete with the course during the course.


For this semester timetable please contact registeration office at Sepher Center

Fee and Payment Terms

There are several options for registration and fee payement.

In order to select the best option of your choice we advise you consult with the registration office.


If an applicant is introduced by a participant in the previous courses: 10 percent discount of the Regisration Fee

If an organization decides to register as a group, a group of three or more: 10 percent discount of the Regisration Fee


All participants in previous course can register in the recent course with 40 percent discount.

You can strat registration and payment here

For any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact 021-77628464 (Registration Office at Sepher Center) or you may sned your inquiries to the above Whatsapp acount on 09123495450 .