Marketing and Branding

Marketing department is responsible for the revenue of the organization. It is believed to be the face of management to the market and the outside world. Thus, there are two sub missions for the marketing function. First, it has to perceive the market and environment messages well and brings them to the organization. Second, it has to communicate the organization messages correctly to the market and the target sectors.

To accomplish the above, the marketing directors need to have a proper analysis from the close and far outside environment as well as the inside environment. They also need to have a clear vision on their organization mission and strategies. Therefore, the techniques of environment analysis (both outside and inside) shall be the first training the marketing directors receive from MLA.

Methods and techniques needed for segmentation of the market and understanding of the needs of each segment are the next subject of the workshops that MLA will conduct. It will be followed by the analysis of attractiveness of segments for organization and vice versa. MLA trains the marketing directors the techniques for targeting and selecting the target sectors as well as those for analyzing the organisation status quo in the market and selecting the organsation position and products in the market.

The third part of MLA’s marketing training is devoted to methods of market research and their techniques including the custom question and the methods of analysis for customers’ behavior. The bottlenecks of market research as well as critical success factors (CSF) are discussed. The statistical quantitative and qualitative analyses are thoroughly discussed in this part of the training, with a review of the custom software utilized for the analysis.

The different types of strategies for product marketing alongside with the methods of analysis for their attractiveness are an integral part of the MLA marketing training. In addition, as organisations have always benefited from their fundamental marketing ideas on the selection of methods of positioning of the organization and its products in the market, strategic thinking as well as practices in finding pure ideas for the target markets are part of the training.

Marketing Tactics

After the formulation of strategies, there it comes the planning and selection of “marketing tactics”. First it is about how to define the product, including product containing goods, service, and experience. To define product, the marketing directors need to learn the concepts and formulation of pore Product, actual product, and added value. In the next step, they need to learn the pricing and its game rules. Then, it is about the distribution and its architecture. Finally, it is the promotion of the products.

After planning and execution of the marketing activities, a marketing director needs to control and evaluate them.