Management and Leadership

The onthological/phenomenological approach, today, is the dominant approach in many areas of knowledge in the top universities of the world such as Harward, MIT, Stanford, and the like. "Management" has also gone through deep changes after the onthological/phenomenological approach and has been able to bring about remarkable effectiveness for the organizations following it. This is all owed to people like Erhard, Jensen, who was a professor of business at Harward, and others like Zefron who was leading at Landmark and Achouria who was at Harward too.

Leadership Course

This course of "leadership" is based on transformational learning, in which, rather than focusing on learning new subjects, a transformation in preassumptions, perspectives, and viewpoints are taken into account. In other words, it is a transformation in those subjects with which learning new subjects is supposed to occur. Therefore, this appraoch naturally criticizes the old school approaches of teaching, reading, and memorizing.

In this approach, a framework is presented that changes the "being" of the participants as a result of which leadership will be their natural way of action in different domains of life.

"Being" of a Leader

To talk about the "type of being" of human seems rather difficult because our minds are less acquainted with this issue and are more ready to converse about actions and belongings, for instance, about what we should do or what knowledge we should have. Our minds contemplate less about the source of these actions and havings. The starting point of human life does not commence from his knowledge and assumptions, rather it begins from his type of being. "Being a leader" is also a type of being. "Being a leader" is neither a knowledge about the history of others' actions nor the scientists' theories and views. This course of leadership, is more about how we view and less about what we see or what we know and what we do.

The Way You Should Take Part in This Course

The method of conducting this course is a special workshop style that helps you to find your being and your onthological constraints and overcome them. It gives you the opportunity to be able to really act and paly leadership. Thus, it is required that the participants take part in this course from first omniscient stand and honestly commit themselves in participating in the exercises and play on the court. Also, they should commit themselves personally to the outcome they intend to achieve from the course.

In this method of training, the participants take part in the course as players on the court, not viewers from the stand. Then, they have to commit themselves to discover their self. Therefore, in order to paly on the court of life that you prepare for yourselves, with the help of the trainers, you should take part in the course with a real project that is your actual concern of today and its realization is vital for you. A "future" that you live it "today", and you see that you are standing for it, is a the "future" that shapes your actions and choices of today. Having an actual issue or problem in life that is your serious concern will bring you on the court during this course. It gives you the opportunity to discover yourself better and, with your trainers' assistance, to experience leadership. In doing so, this course will be meaningful for you personally and will have a remarkable effec for you.

Course Procedure

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