Information Technology in Education
IT in Education

Academic and basic training is the key to sustainable development. Neither any tools nor any foundation can be appropriately implemented without building the right culture and proper training as well as making the processes compatible. This is one of the issues being taken into account in the implementation of systems in developed countries. Relying on training compatible with professional jobs, we present training and workshops according to the needs of the organization, in addition to which, our specialized training seminars can help the organization in developing the proper organizational culture.

The rout of our training is designed on the basis of some key points including but not limited to:

* Training one skill at each stage of the training

* Using the effective methods of training in the country

* Responding to the real individual and organizational needs

* Using the training experience of professional trainers

Developer Training (Admin, Config, and Design of Sharepoint)

The goal of such trainings is to manage and develop the working systems based on information technology. The trainees of this course will be able to analyze the working systems of their organization and, based on IT and Sharepoint, to design, implement, develop, and maintain those systems.

Desktop Training (IW Training)

This part of training aims at application of Sharepoint and the first steps of entering the world of Sharepoint and information technology. The trainees of this course will be able to properly utilize the features of Sharepoint as well as other Microsoft Office basic softwares. They will also gain the ablility to design and implement organizational applications compatible with Sharepoint websites.