Human Resource Management

Human resource management is about utilization of human resource of the organization to achieve organizational goals. In other words, human resource management is about recruitment, development, and maintaining of the competent and qualified work force to achieve the organizational goals based on the value system governing the society with maximum efficiency. For the human resource management, the following goals are set up.

  To provide the required human resource for the organization
  To train and to develop the employees’ talents and skills
  To keep and protect the available resource and to establish desirable interrelations
 To care the employees’ welfare and moral needs in order to boost their content

In order to achieve the above goals, one needs to be able to:

* To plan long term strategies for the recruitment of required human resource aligned with the organization’s goals and strategies

* To analyze and design the organizational structure and the processes of the organization

* To recruit and employ

* To familiarize the recently employed forces with the organization and vice versa

* To train and develop human resource

* To coach human resource

* To evaluate human resource functionality

* To establish promotion and punishment system

* To establish discipline and to correct behavior

* To compensate, ensure welfare, and keep the human resource

The following training is designed for the management of the organizational behavior:

* The management of individual’s behavior in the organization (such as management of individual’s motifs, values, views, and organizational personality)

* The management of group behavior in the organization (such as leadership, team and group work, organizational relations, change or evolution in the organization, employees’ behavioral and mental health, and stress control)

* The enabling the dynamics of the organization (enabling the employees, processes, and organizational structure, management of creativity in organization, management of organizational culture, enhancement of skills for self-management, etc)