Learning and Education Services
Learning Services

We have a cognitive approach to learning and we believe that achievements of this appraoch in learning are far beyond the imagination. We have special plans for each education institute in order for them to ensure that their investment in education and learning is not wasted and they can achieve their palnned goals in the field.

Education Infrastructure Library

Education Infrastructure Library (EIL), is a framework based on best practices for educational centers. The architecture of this framework is service-oriented encompassing both conceptual and operational concepts of an educational center. The conceptual model (service architecture) states how the  educational system can, from the conceptual and logical perspective, create and develop the aimed values in the learners. The operational model (process architecture) states how the school works shall be performed in order to guarantee, for sure, the implementation of the conceptual model and its constant improvement.

Cognitive Learning

We believe that "integrity" and "authenticity" are the cores of training based on cognitive approach. If, on one hand, the trainee enters the course of training with integrity and the trainer recognizes that integrity correctly, helps it, and avoids destroying it, and on the other hand, the trainer performes his duties well with integrity, then there would be a transformation in training and its present common methods. In this way, both the trainee and the trainer will help each other with authonticity and will stand for it.  We are fully experienced in this field.

IT in Education

The goal of such trainings is to manage and develop the working systems based on information technology. The trainees of this course will be able to analyze the working systems of their organization and, based on IT and Sharepoint, to design, implement, develop, and maintain those systems. Relying on training compatible with professional jobs, we present training and workshops according to the needs of the organization, in addition to which, our specialized training seminars can help the organization in developing the proper organizational culture. The rout of our training is designed on the basis of some key points including, but not limited to, training one skill at each stage of the training, responding to the real individual and organizational needs, using the training experience of professional trainers. ...