Economics and Related Services
Economics Services

Since cognitive approach is dealing with human mind, its application has rapidly expanded to various and vast areas of psychology, management, network, and media. However, one the important applications of cognitive approach in recent years has been in economics that could win the Noble prize in 2017. The public and private entities always take some strategies for themselves, but the point is that an strategy for representing unique values has factors dealt with by cognitive approach and "nudge" that cause the actions related to the selected strategy as well as its eveluation remain under the effect of cognitive rules. One of the most common rules in cognitive approach is called "rules of thumb" or "heuristics". In cognitive terms, heuristics are mental shortcuts that facilitate the process of a decision. Government and private sectors make use of heuristics such as anchoring, availability, and representation, to guide the society towards their goals. This is proved by many case studies.

Anomaly Detection

With the assistance of data mining analysis for anomaly detection, we can find out about anomaly changes specially in financial transactions. This method, obviously, can detect a variety of anomalies on the basis of automated extraction and synchronic /dyachronic analysis of data. It goes without saying that by using synchronic anomaly based on a dychronic threshold, one can take some good steps for anomaly prevention.  We are skillful is all such areas.

Customer Services

To provide customized services to each customer in a large scale is a pwerful advantage. The feeling that it gives to each customer is somehow as if the service provider organization has only that one customer and does its best to gain that customer's utmost satisfaction. According to cognitive approach, the way of understanding, cognition, and behavior of human is a function of three elements of cognition structure, thinking style, and emotion style. Thus, the understanding of customer's behaviour and personality characteristics, one of the 4C factors, requires an analysis for the above elements. For instance, for those customers with weaker "mental accounting" ability who cannot vigilantly manage their daily financial affair (fungibility), a solution of daily saving accompanied with mental guiding messages is proposed.

Investment and Risk

The computation of probability of loss to the desired benefit for any investment is no doubt an essential principle. But, what is important is the method by which the probabilty is computed because the more the elements involved in the variance of probablity measures, the more important the detection of those elements separately. Here, the computational social science and the cognitive approach, hand in hand, provide an analysis that takes all the elements well into account compatible with reality.

Industrial Policy

Governmental strategic attempts for the development and growth of production sector as well as other secotrs involved in the economy are complex and includes different layers. Considering the relations among public sectors with private ones as well as each sector with one another and their subsecotrs creates a network that requires a careful analysis. The data mining of computational social science is a proper way of discovering the relations in such a complex network.  We are experts in such analysis.

Economic Analysis

The study of the forces determining the scarce sources and their analysis provides an insight to the functionality of the market and the methods to predict the future behaviour of the market in response to the events, trends, and different cycles. Such analysis can help not only the private sector but also the government for determining the tax rate and for evaluating the health of the country's economy. Such studies with a computational social science and cognitive appraoch will definitely provide a deepr insight for all sectors.  It is the domain of our expertise.