Advisory and Consultancy Services
Advisory Services

The advisory and consultancy services of Sepehr Center is based on and supported by its reseach with a cognitive and computational approach in various areas such as management, investment, economics, finance, insurance, social engineering, international relations, cognitive learning and education and so on so forth. In our advisor services, we accompany you in every step till the achievement of the desired goals. We believe that your success is ours, therefore, we stand by our advisory committments with "integrity".


The modern views and methods in strategic management including cognitive approaches in management, redefinition of management in management 2.0, ontological approaches, and integrity are important for the adminstrators in order to lead their organizations towards their goals. As the administrators are too busy with their daily meetings and proceedings, they usually need advisors who are experts in the above fields in order to shed light on the dark aspects for them. We will be there for the administrators to offer our expert advice in addition to creating a situation in which they experience the strategic way of thinking. Moreover, we offer our advisory services to the marketing and branding management as well as human resource management.

Economics, Investment, Financial, Insurance

What we offer as an advisory service in this field is the outcome of our deep studies and our valuable experience of their implementation in action. Our consultansy in "risk and investment" will assist all investors in different fields to view the related risks from different angles more profoundly. "Anomaly detection" in financial behavior and transactions will assist all financial institutes to find these anomalies and to solve each one from its own right way. The consultancy in "customer financial services" will provide such an insight to the institutes that they would be able to provide their services with a wider variety and appropriate to each category of the customers so that each customer will be an ambassador for the institute. "Industrial policy making" and "economic analysis" will also help organizations so much that they will see how the insight they gain through our advisory services is different from their previous ones.

Learning and Education

In the education and learning field we rely on the principles of cognitive approach and provide our services on the basis of our long term experience in this field. "Education Infrastructure Library" and "IT in Education" are among the packages we strongly suggest to education centers.

Social Engineering

Society is the main setting for the activity of various organizations. This setting is comprised of a complex network of multi-dimensional actors whose analysis and simulation is essential for any kind of policy making. It is after a deep analysis that we can access proper inforamtion about the existing categories and clasters in the society and disvover the latent relations among them. Accordingly, we will be able to discover the beliefs of each social category and the relationship of these beliefs with other beliefs in the society. It is only then that we can plan for the revision of misbeliefs on the basis of scientific principles of cognitive approach. We offer our precise and implementable advisory services for all of these steps.