Research and Analysis Services
Research Services

To find out your actual analytics needs and to design the related appropriate research questions corresponding with the computational social approach is the first step we take in our research and analytics services in order to find the right way of data analysis as a result of which we ensure we obtain the applicable results. The analysis based on computational social science yield results that common approaches are not able to achieve. Thus, we stand for all research and analytics that we conduct with "integrity".  In general, our research commonly fall under one of the following categories.

Management & Leadership Studies

To stay at the edge of knowledge we need to know the modern views and methods in strategic management and leadership including cognitive approaches in management, redefinition of management in management 2.0, ontological approaches, integrity, and so on so forth. This can be thouroghly investigated with special purpose for an specific organization in order to find out how to implement "integrity" in the organization in order to achieve the most of it.  It finally can increase the benefit upto five hundred percent.

Learning and Education Studies

The importance of education and learning is quite obvious to everyone. However, the selection of appropriate method is perhaps of mutliple importance in order for us to ensure that the investment in education and learning has been fruitful and we have not wasted our resources. This selection can be done based on a research and leying on cognitive learning methods. We offer our research services in this field alongside with our long term experience in education and learning to various education centers.

Social Engineering Studies

Research in different social domains assist trading organizations to have a better understanding of their customers and to offer their products and services in a more appropriate way.  However, if such research is conducted based on cognitive and computational methods, the detailed information that are obtained for the organizations will be much more effective than the common research.

Investment risk, Economics, Finantial, and Insurrance Studies

Commerce in a volatile market requires special attention. Such attention is accomplished well when the commerce owners first have the right data about the market and the customer.  But, this data alone does not suffice because any data needs a proper analysis to find its real value.  An analysis that is able to explore the market and customer data in order to reveal its detial for the business owners will have an added value. The analysis we offer have these features in addition to their applicability and benefit-increasing characteristics.